Welcome to Siamese Coin

Coin Specifications

Alghoritm: x11 (11 is siamese twins)
Coins per block: 2 (siamese twins per block)
PoW: 200 days (that many siamese twins are born every year)
PoS: 2% per year rec in every 13 days (we just had 13th friday and 2 is of course the siamese twins number)
Total coins: 576000
Block halving: none
Block time: 60 secs
Symbol: SIS (since siamese twins are 70% female known as Simaese Sisters)
Website: http://siamesecoin.mkreativegroup.me – http://siamesecoin.com

Airdrop and Getting Isle of Man Companies

Every person that is/goes to the Isle, prints our logo on paper and takes a picture near some known location/place up there will get some free coins. You just have to take the picture and post to twitter/facebook/reddit or here and get you free money.

After we gather enough coins mined by us, we will try to get Businesses located on Isle of Man to use the coin as payment option – we will deliver needed plugins and free money for them from our own stash.

This is an experimental project that may or may not work and get accepted at Isle of Man. We have a dedicated team of senior members of this forum on the board and we will do our best for this to happen.