About Us


Siamese Coin used to exist in Isle Of Man which is one of tax havens and great small island to live at. [a bit of Isle of Man facts here]. Lately Isle of Man gave green light to Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies. We believe in free world and Isle of Man is one of such places on earth. I needs more wider promotion.

The Idea

We are launching on x11 alghoritm which gives us two things: we are ASIC resistant and we are not using as much electricity as other alghoritms.
Unlike popular trend of pump n dump coins that can be PoW mined for short time, then raise price on PoS we have put long mining time – 200 days.
The coin is 100% no premine, no IPO, yet because first Siamese Coin was released on Isle of Man we want to make a special fund. We are ninja launching – so nobody of big GPU miners can prepare and crush the party for other small guys. Ninja launch is the only fair way this days.


siamesecoin.com – main dev, creator of coin
kingscrown – merchants, PR
mymenace – design
vanessasweet – blog, forum
waxo – general help